‘A Walk Into Reverie; – Damian Montagu’s new album is now available for Pre-order’

Composer Damian Montagu is releasing ‘A Walk Into Reverie’ on 24th January, 2020 on CD and digital formats, on the Walk upon England label. This is the second album from the Walk Upon England project which celebrates the English countryside as a source of creativity in music and poetry. The eleven compositions are led by Damian Montagu with strings performed by the Tippett Quartet and piano by Rob Sword, with brass arrangements and performances by ex-Paul Weller trumpeter Stewart Prosser, who co-produced the album.

‘A Walk Into Reverie’ is a brand new collection of work inspired by Damian Montagu’s deep love of the breath-taking beauty of his local South Downs area and the profound peace that walking there brings him. “This is a wondrous space for me. I derive so much pleasure and a deep sense of calm by walking alone in the landscape of the South Downs. It is during immersion in this tranquillity and stillness that the melodies come to me.” The album was recorded deep in the heart of the Downs in Damian’s studio.

With a wonderful artwork by renowned Sussex artist Jonathan Pocock, ‘A Walk Into Reverie’ is just that: a chance to escape into a dreamlike world of relaxation inspired by the great British countryside.

You can pre-order the album on the following link:

World Premiere at the Minerva Theatre

The first performance of the album was performed to a sold-out audience at Chichester’s Minerva Theatre. Hugh Bonneville recently posted a gallery of photos from the event. Click below to read more and view the gallery.

England Green Played at Glastonbury

The track entitled England Green was one of a number of Damian Montagu’s compositions from the album performed at Glastonbury, including this flugelhorn solo from Stewart Prosser