Damian Montagu’s Single ‘Sussexscape’ out today, alongside the launch of his album ‘A Walk Into Reverie’

Composer Damian Montagu released the Single ‘Sussexscape’ today, alongside his latest album ‘A Walk Into Reverie’, on CD and digital formats, on the Walk upon England label. This is the second album from the Walk Upon England project, which celebrates the English countryside as a source of creativity in music and poetry. The eleven compositions are led by Damian Montagu with strings performed by the Tippett Quartet and piano by Rob Sword, with brass arrangements and performances by ex-Paul Weller trumpeter Stewart Prosser, who co-produced the album.

Damian Montagu said of this track, “With ‘Sussexscape’ I am trying to represent musically the very uplifting feeling that you get from walking in dense woodland and then suddenly coming across a clearing and being struck by the beauty of wide open downland landscape. I hope that the music captures this experience.” A music promo for ‘Sussexscape’ has been filmed by director Chris Field through Playhouse Pictures, using a very unusual 4k infrared lens to capture the sense of reverie that is so central to Damian’s work as a composer.

You can order and stream the album with the following link: